My 2016 Weight Loss Challenge | Weight Watchers

My 2016 Weight Loss Challenge | Weight Watchers

Weight Loss1Now that we have officially started a new year, many of us will be on the diet kick. I have gotten out of the habit of adding “go on a diet” to my resolution because it has been a resolution for the past 20 years and I have yet to get to my goal weight. I will say that I have done a better job, losing weight when I am not even thinking about it.

Like many women my age who are looking for a slimmer physic, I have tried every diet I can think of and I have never achieved my goal weight. The smallest I have ever been was 135 which was during my college days at North Carolina A&T. I guess I can thank all of that speed walking for one side of campus to the other and our Air Force ROTC program. Now that I am in my late 20’s, working and not having much time to do anything, let alone go to the gym, my weight has certainly jumped. I have become increasingly tired and I have little to no energy.

Now that I have entered the new year with so many wonderful things (new job, new website, nonprofit on the way) I thought this would be a great time to throw my weight loss challenge into the mix. With that being said, I am doing this weight loss thing a little different. I have decided to bring some of my friends into the mix, instead of doing this on my own.

People go on diets to lose weight for many reasons. Not everyone wants to lose pounds because they are overweight and want to wear a smaller size. Although this has a lot to do with it, much of your thought process should be focused on a healthier you. Just because someone is big this does not make them unhealthy. In fact, I know more skinny people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol than I do people who are considered overweight. But again, carrying a large amount of weight on you is not good for your body, your bones, muscles or your organs. Large amounts of weight forces your body to work overtime and therefore may cause health issues down the line.

I am choosing to do this weight loss challenge now because I have noticed that my weight is starting to bother my knees and I am no longer able to wear high-heels for long periods of time; so my weight issue is kind of putting a damper on my favorite part of fashion…shoes. For 2016 I have decided to go back to my good ole’ Weight Watchers. I have been doing Weight Watchers off and on since high school and it seems to be the only diet that I have been successful at. This time I will be paying close attention to my carbohydrates and sugar intake and focusing on lean protein, A LOT of green vegetables and fiber. Not to mention, a cardio activity at least three times a week.

I am doinWeight Loss1_3g the Weight Watchers program with a friend of mine. Since we are not conveniently located near each other we will be weighing in at separate Weight Watchers locations, but updating each other on our progress and bouncing food and fitness ideas off of each other. As far as working out together we are going to meet up as much as we can but this is where my “fitness pal” comes in. Another friend of mine is my “fitness pal.” She works down the street from me so we have been linking up after work periodically to work out together. I would love to do five days but my goal is to workout at least three days a week for now.

My starting weight is 186 pounds. By my birthday, March 4, 2016 I would like to lose at least 15 pounds and by June 1, another 15 pounds. I am set to lose a total of 61 pounds, which will put me at my goal weight of 125. For my height “the chart” says that I am supposed to be around 100-136 pounds. I really don’t pay attention to these medical weight charts that tell you what your weight should be for your height. They do not take into account each individual’s body structure. NOT ALL OF US ARE MEANT TO BE 100 POUNDS…THANK YOU. After speaking with my doctor, she informed me that I would be just fine at about 140-145; but I still don’t mind being a little smaller.

I wrote all this to put myself on front street so that I and you can hold me accountable for my weight loss. Hopefully you will join the weight loss journey and begin making healthy choices for YOU. I will be sure to keep you posted on my weight loss progress right here @ 87|Magazine.

Thanks Family!

*I originally wrote this article around the second week of January, so I wanted to give you some updates. I joined Weight Watchers with a starting weight of 186 pounds. Since January 9th, which was my first officially weight in I have lost one pound.  Since Tuesday, January 19th I have been on a detox. So I will update my weight on Tuesday, January 26th when I weight in. Follow me on Instagram @iamWhitn3y as I post my daily weight loss journey.*

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