The 7 Day Diet: My Detox | The Pros and Cons

The 7 Day Diet: My Detox | The Pros and Cons

I’ve been asleep at the wheel when it comes to these updates on my weight loss progress so a lot has changed. For one, I discontinued my membership with Weight Watchers. I was forgetting to add my meals to my food diary and I have been a member of Weight Watchers for so long that I have basically memorized the points system. So instead of writing my foods down I was able to calculate everything in my head. Anyway, since my last post I have lost about seven pounds, detoxed twice and I hired a friend of mine as a personal trainer…which has been going great!

Healthy FoodFor this post I really want to focus on a detox plan I have been doing on and off. One of my friends was doing some research and came across a seven day diet that mainly consisted of fruits, vegetables and some protein. The diet, as they call it, consist of a seven day plan of nothing but fresh food, which is awesome. You can do a mild workout of this diet and you must drink plenty of water. Once your seven days is over you stand to lose up to 10 pounds, according to the site. If you noticed, I called this diet a detox. Mainly because it was only a seven day plan that consisted of a very low calorie intake. On my first go-round on this diet I lost about seven pounds; which I soon gained back because I started eating like a pig again. But I also became very sick after eating bacon, egg and cheese sliders from one of my favorite DC brunch spots. Becoming sick did not come from the restaurant but from the fact that I had spent the past week removing myself from high sugar, fatty, unhealthy foods. It is so amazing what a week of clean eating can do for the body. My second try at the detox was around the second week of March; which I lost a total of six pounds. Now that the detox is over, I’ve been really planning my meals out so that I am including a healthy combination of fruits, vegetables and protein. So far everything has been going very well. And, I have three more pounds since I completed my detox.

The website gives you various meal plan ideas and also gives you great cabbage soup recipe (that can be eaten throughout the entire diet). The site does caution you that this diet should only be done once every couple of months due to the low calorie intake. I think this is an awesome detox for those who want to cleanse the body and drop a few pounds. Below are my pros and cons on the diet. If you would like more information about the diet you can visit their website at

My Pros

  • A lot of energy while on the detox
  • The instructions are very easy to follow
  • The cabbage soup (Wonder Soup) is very good | I added vegetable broth for added flavor
  • You can eat as much as you want when you want
  • The detox consists of mainly fruits and vegetables but the meat lovers can have a piece of fish and/or chicken on day five and six.

My Cons

  • Grocery bill can be a little high (you are buying all fresh foods)
  • Can be very time consuming when it comes to planning and cooking meals
  • Introducing too many fatty foods at one time once detox is complete will make you sick
  • Not a lot of weight loss and most of it is probably water-weight
  • Diet does not offer a lot of alternatives if you do not eat the various foods listed

If you decide to try the diet, my suggestion is to focus on clean eating rather than the weight loss. I say this because once you finish your detox I have found that I pay more attention to what I eat throughout the day and therefore my healthy eating leads to continuous weight loss. Not to mention, a 10 pound loss in one week is mainly water.

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