Everyone loves a good food photo. The perfect ice cream cone, the ideal brunch spread – we’ve all been there.

But there are some of us who take our love for documenting food further. And for those ultimate foodies, we’ve found the perfect app: Yummi.

With Yummi, you can easily remember all your favorite dining spots, and what your favorite bites were at each one. And, you can check out fellow Yummi users’ food travels to learn the best from other pros.

Here are the key features of the Yummi app:

  • Food logging. Want to remember every piece of the perfect meal you had, from appetizer to drink to dessert? Yummi helps you do this. With the app you can track everything you consume during your meal and have it stored all in one place. Don’t worry about taking up your phone’s precious space with photos – put pics of your fave meals into the Yummi app and you can share from there to Instagram and your other favorite social media sites.
  • Recall food memory. Curious what you had for Valentine’s Day dinner? With Yummi, you can find out. The app allows you to store your past meals in one place using a food memory log that is easy to access anytime, anywhere.
  • Trusted recommendations. Do you sit and think for hours “where should I eat dinner tonight?” Yummi makes it so you no longer waste time on that. With the app, you can check out reviews and recommendations from fellow foodies to help you pick your next dining spot.

How does Yummi do this? With incredible food-centric technology including:

  • Timestamped and backdated foodprints
  • Foodprints organized by chronological order and displayed in a calendar
  • Foodprints tagged to the dining location and cataloged by cuisine
  • Searchable nearby foodprints using NearMe function
  • Option to make your foodprints private and only visible to you
  • Ability to bookmark your favorite pictures and places
  • Search any foodprint by place, cuisine, or hashtag
  • Share your food opinions using app stickers

Hop on over to Yummi’s website to read more about this fabulous app and to give it a try yourself.
Get out there and get eating!



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