We’re Celebrating Black Music Month

We’re Celebrating Black Music Month

Since the beginning of human existence, music has been the unofficial, international language of the people. Music has the incredible power to bring back memories and thus, evoke strong emotions. We all have that one song that takes us back to a place of love, happiness, anger or even sadness. There’s that song that got you through the worst of times and that song that helped you write the vows for your wedding day. If there is anything we can all relate to, it’s music.

During the month of June, the recording industry celebrates the achievements of African-American musicians by honoring Black Music Month. President Jimmy Carter proclaimed June as Black Music Month back in 1979. However, it wasn’t until 2000, when an official presidential order announcing June as Black Music Month, along with a House of Representatives approval of House Resolution 509 (a decree that officially recognized the importance, study and celebration of African-American music), that Black Music Month was officially recognized by the Federal Government.

Through the years, presidents continue to honor and celebrate Black Music Month. In 2009, former President Barack Obama officially changed the name to African-American Music Appreciation Month.

For the entire month of June, 87|Magazine will be celebrating and honoring the phenomenal work of African-American musicians and artists who have contributed and continue to contribute, to the various genres of music that inspire us and connect us.

For more info, visit Black Music Matters: Why We Celebrate African-American Music Appreciation Month.

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