Snapchat Spectacles: A #Summer17 Must-Have

Snapchat Spectacles: A #Summer17 Must-Have

We’re so thrilled to bring you some of our #summer17 must-haves.

And the item we’re featuring today is one that no vacation should be without: the Snapchat Spectacles. These high-tech glasses are all about making memories through your own eyes.  

From the launch in 2016 until now, this must-have eyewear was only available for purchase via one of their mobile bots, scattered in different locations at different times along Venice Beach, California.

However, this eye candy is now available to buy throughout the US and internationally! And its popularity is skyrocketing.

With the sudden burst in popularity of these glasses, we, of course, had questions…  

…and did some research to dig up some answers!

How do the Spectacles Work?

First off, the Spectacles come in three must-have colors: black, coral and teal.

Once you’ve decided on the color that’s right for you, you’re ready to see what this gadget can do.

The Snapchat Spectacles has the ability to record video, up to 30-second, simply by pressing a button on the glasses.

Once you’re finished recording, all you have to do is transfer your videos via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, and they’re there for all your Snapchat followers to see.

What else do we need to know?

The glasses come with both a rechargeable case and cable. Once fully charged, the Spectacles’ battery will give you an entire day’s  worth of recording time. A fabulous feature we love is that the glasses can be used without the app. They will store your Snaps until you return to the app.

How do I get a pair?

The cost for a pair of Snapchat Spectacles will run you about $130. To order a pair of Spectacles and for more details, visit

Want to win a pair?

We’ve got great news! 87|Magazine will be giving away a pair of these high-tech, high-fashion sunglasses! As part of our Summer Giveaway Series happening through June 23, one lucky winner will be the proud owner of their very own pair of Snapchat Spectacles.  Visit Summer Giveaway Series: Presented by 87|Magazine for details.


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