Back to School Shopping with TOBI

If you’re wondering how it’s already time for back-to-school, don’t worry — we are too.

While we are not necessarily thrilled with the fact that summer is over, we are pretty excited about what back to school means in terms of fashion.

For us, back to school season is the perfect excuse to bring a few more pieces (okay, maybe not just a few) into our wardrobe, and we have our eyes on some specific pieces.

A favorite brand of ours at 87|Magazine, TOBI is definitely on top of the back to school game with their new fall looks.

And we are in love.

Super fashionable, but not too trendy; quality, but not at a high price, TOBI is our go-to for any season, but especially for back to school.

While it was hard to narrow our favorites down to a few pieces, we wanted to share with you our top 5 back to school looks.

And guess what?

TOBI has some great sales this month — check out the dates below and be sure to shop during then to save!

1. Rompers with Chokers

Chokers are not new to the fashion scene. But they are hotter than ever this back to school season because they come with a bit of a twist.

Rather than having a choker on its own, these come built into the romper or dress, so you know you’ll always have a perfect match.

2. Coordinated Sets

Few looks more put together than a two piece that is perfectly coordinated.

The fabulous thing about this, is you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck. You can wear the top on its own with something different on the bottom; the skirt on its own with something different on the top; or both of them together.

Think of all the outfit combos imaginable!

3. Anything Red

In case you missed the F/W Fashion Week memo, the color red is hot this back to school season — red hot, in fact.

Whether it’s a fabulous dress like this, a jacket, or a pair of shoes, whatever red items you can get your hands on, do it.

4. Wide Belts

Another hit of F/W Fashion Week was wide belts. So get ready to see them everywhere.

The perfect accessory to dress up an otherwise boring dress, wide belts are also a great way to accentuate your waist.

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