These Tips Will Get You Through Post-Holiday Spending Stress

These Tips Will Get You Through Post-Holiday Spending Stress

With the holidays (and holiday spirit) behind you and a new year freshly at your feet, finances are likely on your mind.

Chances are good that one of your 2018 goals is to cut back on your spending, and you are currently using your free time to figure out where to cut costs in order to save up money and finally take that trip overseas.

One look at your spending this past holiday season, and you may have shot into a state of panic. Unfortunately, you can’t take back what you spend, you can learn from your mistakes.

And, misery loves company, right? You’ll be happy to know you aren’t alone in your holiday spending stress.

According to WalletHub’s Post-Holiday Shopping Season Survey, 29% of shoppers feel they overdid it on the shopping this past holiday season. This guilt has led 62% of people to plan to cut back on spending in 2018, so they don’t experience the same feeling this time next year.

It’s time to get crafty, creative, and thrifty with your shopping.

Speaking of creative, you probably received some gifts for Christmas that you didn’t love, and are trying to figure out how to return them without the gift-giver finding out.

WalletHub recognizes that returns are a big deal in modern-day shopping (24% of Americans will be returning a gift they got over the holidays), and that surprisingly, people don’t know that much about the best ways to return unwanted gifts.

Thus, they put together the Credit Card Return Protection Report — your ticket to quick, easy, and painless returns.

You’ll want to read the entire report, but we are going to share a few highlights with you here.

First of all, did you know that most major credit cards offer something called “return protection” that allows you to return items that a store won’t accept?

Wait, what?

Yep! That’s right — many credit cards will give you your money back on a purchase you made, or a gift you received, even if the store it was purchased from shoots you down.

Just make sure that your card covers this type of thing. Look at these cards for the best return-protection benefits:

  • Citi Prestige
  • Citi ThankYou Premier
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • J.P. Morgan Reserve

You will also likely be surprised to learn that many credit cards give you extra time to return purchases. (60% of people surveyed in the WalletHub study didn’t know that either).

If you think that this return protection service only exists for a select few credit cards, you’re wrong. 48% of consumer credit cards offer this program, most of which provide a 90-day return period, and up to $300 in coverage for each item.

How is your stress feeling now? Hopefully much better! Knowing that your goal is to cut back on your spending this year and that any spending you did and regret big time may be able to be reversed, thanks to your credit card’s programs.

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